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The Sports Bike Shop is an online shopping plaza specializing in wholesale distribution and import of mini dirtbikes, mopeds, kids ATVs, mini choppers, mini motorcycles, pocket bikes, super pocket bikes, Go-Karts, motorcycles and other gas powered as well as electric scooters.


An easily negotiable, user friendly and transaction safe website with great customer service, The Sports Bike Shop makes it possible for prospective buyers to browse online, compare and contrast prices and identify dirt bikes that are available at highly attractive prices. Additionally, The Sports Bike Shop offers spare parts of various dirt bikes which is a huge advantage since one would not want to be saddled with a dead machine for want of the right parts.

Dirt Bikes For All Ages

Dirt bikes personify fun and adventure for the rider and though they are a hot favorite with youngsters, adults ride dirtbikes too. A light simple machine that can be started easily and can negotiate muddy paddocks and hill slopes in all weathers, a dirt bike can be gas powered or even electrically powered but there's no disputing the fact that these bikes give great mileage and are super fast and super cool.

As for variation, our dirt bikes are available in small 49cc 2 stroke model for kids to the huge street legal 250cc dirt bikes. Catering to kids of all ages the dirtbike industry is in a constant state of reinvention and we are forever upgrading stocks and models, a fact that makes every tour of the website newsworthy and informative. Among others, the dirt bike models on offer are the 200cc Enduro Trail Bike, The 125cc Fast Pit Bike, the 110cc Race Dirt Bike, the 50cc Stroke Kids Dirt Bikes and the 110 cc4 stroke 4 gear mini dirt bike to name a few.

With wholesale prices that are unbelievably low, there are great deals for bulk buyers in dirt bikes. Unrestricted by geographical boundaries, The Sports Bike Shop welcomes international orders from across the globe. Thanks to their ability to procure bikes directly from manufacturers in China, their bargains for dirt bikes are a winning proposition by virtue of their being economical and accessible at affordable rates.


Dirt bikes may be for kids, but choosing the right dirt bike is serious business. The Sports Bike Shop is a well outfitted and composite showcase of every kind of dirt bike and makes them available at reasonable prices and helps one make informed decisions and offers myriad choices pertaining to dirt bikes!


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