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ATVs - All Terrain Vehicle


Biking is excitement for those who love thrills, style and freedom. However, every bike rider concerned of safety against bad weather. In the United States, weather turns hostile in the winters with dry and wet road condition. Basically, the All Terrain Vehicle' or ATV which is designed for off-road use needs some careful watch to make your riding in winter. Though ATV very much resembles motorcycle and designed to use by single rider the risk of riding a bike during winter multiplies.

In winter the first thing you need to take care while riding ATV is your hand. Cold hands can barely give a firm grip. Hence, it is important to keep your hands warm. You can use gloves for that. Though three wheelers and four wheelers ATVs are less prone to skid still it is required for any rider of ATV to take care while driving on a slippery surface. As much as possible you can avoid wet and icy roads in winter. But if it is necessary in any ways to go that way you can reduce the speed of your ATV as much as possible. Reducing speed can help you around the corners to have a good control on your ATV on that surface. Whenever you are coming upon a slippery surface don't forget to use both the breaks.

Make your journey exciting and safer one in cold, wet and icy weather.