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Dirt bikes-zoom in to know the difference


Move over from the monotonous bicycle riding, here are dirt bikes, which is exciting and it gives more power to ride on. These days they are a growing trend for youths because of its cool, flashy look and speed.

The dirt bikes can be of two stroked or four stroked. Two stroked bikes are lighter in weight as compared to four stroked bikes .Because of its engine size two stroked bikes are powerful where as four stroke engines are fuel efficient. The moderate amount of power in engine could be anything between 200-300cc, though the maximum can go up to 600cc.

There are so many varieties of dirt bikes to choose from and for all age group of people. For youths there is Nano 50cc dirt bike, Hensim 50cc dirt bike, JCL youth 50cc dirt bike, Coolster Xspeed 70cc dirt bike, extreme 70cc dirt bike. For kids(4 to 15years of old), there is dream 90cc kids dirt bike and dream 100cc kids dart bike which have automatic and electric start facility. More over dirt bikes come up with different models to suit the need of all types of riders like beginners, advanced bike riders.

While buying dirt bikes, people prefer used dirt bikes that many private dealers provide in about 2000-3000 less price as compared to the original. However, before going for that, you need to be very careful about double checking the bikes in case it might have faulty parts or the bike might turn out to be a stolen one altogether. Like if the number on chassis is turned out to be missing or altered then its certain that the particular dirk is the stolen one. Before making up your mind to buy the bike, insist on going for a test drive. If the dealer doesn't agree on that, its better not to invest your money on the used one and rather adding some more money to it, you have your brand new dirt bike from a genuine bike dealer.