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Mini Dirt Bikes - Rise Of A New Era Of Bike Riding


Those who are fascinated by the motorized vehicle mini dirt bikes are the latest craze for many of them. Mini dirt bikes like the Go Carts are also manufactured by utilizing the spare parts left in a garage. When they first came into existence they were used as pit bikes and are still sometimes used for that purpose. This is because they can be very easily maneuvered on the tight pit roads and they can easily fit in any trail like a bicycle.

There are some things that you should keep in mind before you enjoy riding in a mini dirt bike and these are:

  • Though there are no age limits for riding the mini dirt bikes if you have bought it for a kid ensure that the kid is big enough to have that much physical power to maneuver the bike by himself. You also should give proper trainings to your child before he starts riding. Some of the mini dirt bikes can gain a speed of 75mph or more than that and therefore you should always take precautions before letting your kids ride on that.
  • The mini dirt bikes only differ from the average dirt bikes in few respects and these are lesser weight, small structure and less power. Therefore as you use in any dirt bike while riding a mini dirt bike also you and your child should have helmet on and do not exceed the speed of 40 mph. These bikes are also built in an off road style and therefore offer more ground clearance and its frame is built specifically to cope up well with the hilly terrains. However if you are buying a mini dirt bike for yourself then you also need to check whether the bike fits your height as well as weight.
  • Before you go and buy a mini dirt bike always remember that though the bikes are smaller in size, it also means they are at many times cheaper in price. Depending on the power of the engine you might have to shell out about $2000 for a 125 cc mini dirt bike or can get a less than 90 cc mini dirt bike by just paying maximum of $600. Moreover, most mini dirt bikes come with a two stroke engine and can hold on an average half a gallon of gas. This also makes them fuel efficient thus cutting down on the cost of maintenance

With the growing popularity of the mini dirt bikes many companies are producing them and at you would get varieties of these mini dirt bikes to choose for you or for your kid.