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Ebikes – get to know them personally


Ebikes or power assisted bicycles are bicycles that are attached to a battery driven electric motor. For the vehicle to qualify as an ebike, the vehicle must be primarily propelled by muscle power. The power of the battery must not exceed 500 watts and the maximum speed of the vehicle should not go beyond 35 mph. The vehicle must be power assisted, meaning that it should primarily be pedaled, and the motor must be used in a limited and controlled manner.

Some of the best advantages of ebikes are as follows:

Power assisted bicycles can travel anywhere that a regular bicycle can. So, trails and paths created for bicycles can be used by ebikes. At the same time, like bicycles, ebikes may not be allowed on controlled access ways like highways or sidewalks where bicycles are disallowed.

Anyone above the age of 16 can ride an ebike without a driver’s license and without the need to take a vehicle registration or motor vehicle liability insurance.

Ebikes can get you to your destination faster. This may seem unlikely, give the fact that the ebike can travel at an average speed of 25-28 mph, while your car can travel at 80-100 mph. But, if you consider the amount of time you spend stuck in traffic jams and making your way through choked motorways, then, it is easy to see how an ebike can help you travel faster.

Ebikes can touch fairly high speeds. Besides, the motor makes it easy to negotiate hills and other difficult stretches on the road. Thus, ebikes bring back the joy of riding. Ebikes are a whole lot of fun, which is why they are slowly becoming very popular.

Ebikes are almost maintenance free because there is no engine, transmission system, gearbox, carburetor, spark plug or gasoline unit. So, there really is nothing to maintain. All the components used in the ebike are convenient to use and easy to install.


Ebikes offer you a healthy, stress free riding experience. They even help you get some much-needed physical exercise. So, you are taking care of yourself while you enjoy the ride.

Ebikes are fuel free, which automatically makes them pollution free. Many ebikes can run on solar power, which makes them the ideal solution to environmental concerns.

Ebikes are highly roadworthy vehicles and can easily be used as an alternative mode of transportation. As such, it can help further personal mobility in an environment friendly and cost effective manner. Unlike motor cars, ebikes have a record of safety and user friendliness. And they are not terribly expensive either. In fact, a large number of people have succeeded in making their own ebikes through inexpensive, locally available material. For others, there are ready-to-make kits that make it easy to assemble the bike. So, it is no exaggeration to say that ebikes offer you an all-round win-win experience.


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