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Is an electric bicycle the next big thing?


These days, many countries are witnessing a strange phenomenon: more and more people are opting for two wheelers rather than four, that too the fuel-efficient, low cost varieties. There was a time when it was an absurd proposition for most commuters who could afford a car to even think about using a two-wheeler. But, now, many commuters are using two wheelers, and quite enjoying the experience.

One of the most attractive modes of transportation in the two-wheeler bracket is the electric bicycle. Hard to believe? True, nevertheless.

Electric bicycles are almost similar to your regular bicycle except that it comes with a small battery placed in a discreet corner. Just like the ordinary bicycle, you would still need to pedal on the electric bicycle, but the motor makes it easy for you to maneuver tough paths. For instance, climbing hills becomes a breeze because the motor takes the load. Also, unlike conventional bikes that average speeds below 10 mph, electric bicycles can easily reach speeds of 15 -30 mph. This makes commuting easy, fast and fun.

Many factors have contributed to this major shifting of preferences among commuters:

Rising petrol prices are a big lure for people who want to cut down on fuel costs. After all, even the fastest electric bicycle consumes miniscule amounts of power when compared to a car. Once you recharge the battery, you can easily keep going for more than 30 kms. Easy on your purse and light on the environment too. Besides, electric bicycles cost a fraction of what it costs you to purchase a dandy car. And letís not forget maintenance costs! Your car guzzles money but an electric bicycle needs very little care.


Environment lovers have bought into the concept of electric bicycles in a big way. Electric bicycles do not spew harmful emission and noise. They consume only as much energy as a 100W light bulb. And if you want a work-around for electric power, you could even consider using solar panels to produce electricity naturally. There just could not be a better environment friendly option. And no, the bicycle is not an option. For many years, it has been debated that the conventional bicycle is a more eco friendly option, which is true. However, surveys show that most people above the age of 25 do not use conventional bikes more than twice a week, if at all. But the numbers were significantly higher for electric bicycles in all age groups.

Electric bicycles are sometimes faster than cars. Feel the beginnings of a laugh? Well, sober up. Think about traffic snarls, long lines for the green light and clogged motorways. Let others sweat it out in their stuffy cars while you zoom your way through cycle networks and small paths that are inaccessible to bigger vehicles.

Electric bicycles have undergone a number of technological advances to emerge as sleek, reliable machines that can deliver what they promise. Lightweight and efficient, they can make any journey a simple and interesting affair. Since the motor assists you in your hard work, you do not have to pant and puff. At the same time, you are left with enough challenge to give you the pleasure of pedaling. In the bargain, you can easily lose some weight and gain a good level of physical fitness.

With so many reasons to recommend it, there is little surprise in more and more people opting for electric bicycles over cars.


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