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Advantages of using an electric bike


Motorized bikes were first recorded in use in the late 1800’s when a combustion engine was added to the ubiquitous bike so that it becomes easier to pedal uphill. With that, pedaling the bike at difficult turns became easy when the motor kicked in. This accounts for their popularity in those days. These days, electric bikes are battery powered and in many countries, they account for more than half the vehicles on the street.

There are some obvious advantages to using an electric bike:

Cost efficient: Even though the initial cost of an electric bike is higher than that of a conventional bike, electric bikes are very cost effective when compared to vehicles that run on gas. A full charge of the fastest electric bikes costs less than a dollar at any time, and a dollar’s worth will take you more than 30 kms. In terms of gas, that is the same as 1,800 miles for a gallon!

Energy efficient: A high quality electric bike enables you to cruise over hills and eliminates the ‘pain’ in climbs. If you live in a hilly terrain, the added comfort and speed provided by an electric bike is dramatic and almost miraculous.

Environment friendly: Gas driven vehicles emit huge volumes of pollutants. An electric bike, on the other hand, is environment friendly because it does not need gas. Even the batteries of your bike may be recycled when they expire. You may even go so far as to generate your own electricity from a roof panel, thus going totally green with your electric bike.

Safe: This might seem farfetched. But the fact is that when you do not have to slog on your vehicle, the chances of accidents are less. Since the effort you put into the uphill task is less, you will also be free of the desire to rush downhill at breakneck speed. Even at road junctions, faster acceleration allows you to get out of danger sooner.

Easy commute: If you are riding one of the fastest electric bikes available in the market today, you do not need to worry about traffic snarls and congestion. You can easily take advantage of small lanes, multi-purpose paths and routes that are inaccessible to bicycles.


Greater speed: Theoretically, a car should get you faster to your destination than a bike, but, that is not what always happens in real life, where traffic jams can limit speed levels to below 10 mph. So, the average speed maintained by the fastest electric bike will surpass that of a car, in case you are traveling through busy city roads.

Enhances good health: Electric bikes give you just enough help to keep you from feeling too tired. At the same time, regular use can consume a whole lot of calories, thus helping you lose oodles of weight. Research supports these findings since it was seen that most people who used non-motorized bikes shunned it for most of the week, but those who used electric bikes made maximum use of their vehicles. Ease of use seems to be the reason for the increased use of electric bikes.

Electric bikes are a good investment because they fetch you good resale value if you are in the mood to sell off in the future. Also, they do not depreciate quickly, thus giving you 100% return on your investment, both in terms of usage and money.


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