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How can electric motor bikes help the consumer?


There was a time when cars were the forerunners in transport options. If you could afford to buy a car, then there was no need to think twice. Driving a car was easy, convenient and not too expensive. But, hey, times have changed. Traffic snags have pretty much robed you of the pleasure of driving. Then there is the price of gas to consider. Your monthly budget may find it more and more difficult to bear the cost of rising fuel prices. Which is why there are so many brands of electric motor bikes on the streets. Even in the US, these days you find several models of rechargeable motorbikes for sale.

One of the best advantages of electric motor bikes, as far as the consumer is concerned, is the kind of power that is used. Not having to queue up in front of a petrol pump is in itself a big bonus. You save money on gas and your operational cost comes down by more than 30%. Electric motor bikes have low running costs too, mainly because the vehicles are lighter. Experts estimate that running costs are at least 25% lower than cars. Maintenance costs are lower too since electric motor bikes do not have a spark plug, carburetor and other complicated parts that require high maintenance. Maintenance costs are supposedly 70% lower than cars.

Another immense advantage is the range per recharge. Electric motor bikes can easily run for more than 30 kms per recharge. Recharging is a simple procedure; it is as easy as plugging the bike into a power point. The riding experience is equally smooth. Electric motor bikes are easy to ride because they have no gears and are almost completely driven on muscle power. Besides, you do not have to go around looking for parking space.

Another huge advantage is that by using electric powered motor bikes, we are once again switching over to the use of renewable energy sources. This was the case when man was dependent on animals like horses for travel. Then, when we started using coal and petrol, we began to lean too heavily on nonrenewable energy sources. It is important to remember that gas, oil, petrol and diesel are finite in their availability. We need to stop using them as if they were an infinite resource. It is not widely known among consumers, but the US alone uses up more than 20 million barrels of oil per day. In developing countries too, many people depend solely on gasoline for all their commutes. In such cases, gasoline usage adds up to significant volumes.


The emission of high levels of carbon monoxide is one of the most significant disadvantages of vehicles powered by gas. We all know about green house effect and the potential danger of a situation where pollutants suffuse the atmosphere. Using electric powered motorbikes can make a significant and dramatic change to the existing pollution levels in all major cities around the world. The earth would suddenly be allowed to breathe free, after years of choked breath!

In short, the world is slowly turning volte-face in its attitude towards the earth. There is more eco-consciousness and people do feel personally responsible for the environment. This is driving the search for alternative sources of renewable power. That is the driving force behind the various models of electric powered motorbikes that are suddenly appearing in the market.


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