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5 reasons to buy an electric powered bicycle


Bicycles have been around for a very long time now. There was a time when they were just the right answer for people who wanted to travel light and cheap. However, over the course of time, bicycling became a quaint and charming activity, left for the times when there was just no other choice. In any case, most people felt that riding a bicycle was too much of a huff and puff job!

Then the automobile revolution fell into high gear. Everyone wanted motor cars and there just weren’t enough takers for bicycles. But, things are undergoing a dramatic change now. With the price of gasoline skyrocketing beyond control, there is a pressing need for consumers to cut their fuel expenditure. For many people, mortgage payments, lay offs and salary cuts have made it impossible to sustain the same kind of lifestyle that they are used to. Fuel-efficient vehicles and vehicles that run on alternative sources of power are slowly taking center stage.

Electric powered bicycles are leading this search for zero emission, low-cost travel alternatives. This is not surprising, considering the fact that, in many areas, two wheelers have left cars far behind in the race to introduce innovative technologies. New age motor bicycle manufacturers are again picking up the technology lead. They have come up with the versatile electric powered bicycle to successfully answer the need of millions of people who want to cut fuel costs. Not surprisingly, this alternative seems to be sitting very well with consumers. You can now see a proliferation of electric powered bicycles on the streets of many overcrowded cities. There are many reasons for this sudden spurt in takers for the electric powered bicycle.

Top reasons for buying an electric powered bicycle:

You never have to buy gas again! You can easily use an electric powered bicycle for commuting to work or getting around town for small errands. Some models come with racks and carriers that make it easy for you to carry your stuff. By using an electric powered bicycle, you can easily save more than $4,000 per year on fuel costs.


No more eternal waits for the traffic lights to turn green; no need to yell at the Bozo in front of you to move it! Electric powered bicycles can easily cruise through the network of paths and ways that are open to bicycles. So, getting around town is a lark.

You are doing your bit for the environment. Electric powered bicycles do not emit harmful gases. They are zero emission vehicles. So, they are 100% environment friendly.

An electric bicycle is an easy way to trim down and develop healthy muscles. If you have ever sat on a bicycle, you already know that negotiating a climb requires a lot of hard pedaling. So does riding through difficult terrain. This is one of the main reasons why many people leave off using their bicycles. On the other hand, electric powered bicycles enable you to use the motor when you need to put in too much effort. Thus, it keeps your body in good condition while keeping you motivated to use the bike as often as you desire.

So, there you have it! Now you know why so many people are opting for the electric powered bicycle, and you know what you are losing out on every time you get into a vehicle that runs on gas.


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