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Rising expenses and the escalating rate of inflation are some of the pressing reasons that are leading people to look for ways to cut costs. Most people agree that one of their highest expenses is on gas. This is particularly true in case of people who need to commute to work or go to college or extra classes. A round trip has many people covering more than 30 miles every day. So the money required to cover their monthly travel costs can be daunting. That is why many people are now turning to electrical bikes for commuting.

Electrical bikes are little more than conventional bicycles that have a small attached motor. The motor is generally battery operated but the electrical bicycle would still need the rider to pedal the bicycle. However, the motor kicks in when the going gets tough, thus greatly reducing the effort required to ride the electrical bike.

One of the biggest advantages of electrical bicycles is the cost factor. They are relatively cheap, so the initial investment is low. They are practically maintenance free, so you do not have to cut a hole through your pocket to maintain them. They do not guzzle gas because they run on electric power. Every recharge costs less than a dollar and will have you covering more than 30 kms.

However, electrical bikes come in a confusing variety of makes and models. Which make and model is best for you, which one would give the best bang for your buck these are puzzling questions. There is a huge variation in the quality of the electrical bike depending on cost, model and make. Choosing right can give you a safe, joyful and long riding experience.

Never compromise quality for price. According to experts, cheap electric bikes are not a reliable travel solution in the long run, though they may appear very attractive initially. To make matters further confusing, there has been a large influx of cheap bikes, electrical bicycles and scooters from Asian countries. These bikes are able to offer such low costs that they have even driven out some of the reputable, industry leaders who have a name for quality. One example is the Ford Company that ventured into the e-bikes market for a short duration only. On the other hand, some of the upper scale brands are too expensive and want to sell simply on the basis of their brand name. So, you cannot always go by brand value alone.


Some of the guidelines for buying a good electric bicycle are:

Always look for quality first, price second. Quality refers to performance, workmanship and reliability. Good quality bikes may cost a little more, but they will last much longer than inexpensive bikes of questionable quality.

Select a brand name or a manufacturer with a good reputation in the market. A good track record with a history of happy transactions means that the retailer will stand behind their product. They will provide you with parts when necessary and will give you impeccable service as long as you use the machine. These things are important.

Browse through online manufacturers and companies that have a good reputation with their clients. Make a comparative study of prices and go for a deal that gives you the best return on your investment.

Most industry experts believe that a good electric bicycle that is durable, reliable and delivers quality performance may not be cheaper than $500. So, that is the approximate cost you should hold in your mind when you go shopping for an electrical bike.


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