Electric Scooters

The Internet has given tough competition to the brick and mortar structures of malls and showrooms. Thanks to the web, one is now able to check out innumerable options and short list products on a comparative basis on parameters of price, features, manufacturers and after sales service.

The Sports Bike Shop is one such domain that has been hailed as a one stop shop for a huge variety of Mopeds, kids ATVs, Mini Dirt Bikes, Mini Choppers, Mini Motorcycles, Pocket Bikes, Super Pocket Bikes, Go-Karts, Motorcycles and other gas powered as well as electric scooters. A super online scooter store that is comprehensive and contains loads of information for the prospective buyer, The Sports Bike Shop also welcomes International orders.

Electric scooters are deemed safer than their gas powered counterparts especially when the users are young children. The Sports Bike Shop is also backed by excellent after sales service and competitive pricing. Most of the scooters featured on the website are street legal, have EPA approval and are also DOT compliant. In case of models that are not street legal, it is clearly mentioned so that there are no surprises once the purchase has been made. Nevertheless one is advised to check with one's local licensing and regulatory authorities before buying one of these scooters. Electric scooters are available in variants of engine sizes from 50cc to 250cc.

Rising costs of living and the depreciation of paper money has encouraged individuals to look for more financially viable options for transportation. Electric and gas scooters have surfaced as a welcome option to the gas guzzling four wheelers on several counts; precious time is saved as one can avoid traffic snarls, a scooter can carry two persons and some models can do up to 100 MPH or even more.

At The Sports Bike Shop, purchases of 3 or more scooters at a time makes one eligible for wholesale rates in addition to the already discounted rates. Thanks to their long business association with manufacturers in China, The Sports Bike Shop is able to procure bikes and scooters from them at additional discounts and these savings are further passed on to the buyers making The Sports Bike Shop a place for the best bargains.


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