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When you are buying an ATV then always go for a good brand. Though in the market you would find many ATV manufacturing companies the one which is always ahead is Honda. Honda is a company which has been in ATV manufacturing for years and has always delivered the best in the categories like youth ATVs, kids' ATVs and supreme bikes.

There are two categories in which you would find Honda ATVs and these are Sport and Utility and whether you want to explore deserts, mountains or backwoods these ATVs are the best bet for you. Another advantage is: if you buy a Honda ATV then you do not have to worry about getting the spares and the accessories since they are always available with all the Honda dealers.

Types of Honda ATV

In 2006 Honda came out with the following ATVs:

TRX250TE: This is a utility ATV with 229 cc four stroke engine with automatic clutch and electric starter. The fuel capacity is 2.4 gallons and a length of 75 inches.

TRX500FA:This is another model that came out in the year 2006. It has a 499 cc engine and also an electric starter. The fuel capacity is much higher than the above mentioned one at 4.2 gallons. Like the previous one it also has an automatic clutch.

TRX350TE: Is another ATV model from Honda. With electric starter, automatic clutch and 3.4 gallons of fuel capacity this model was available in the colors red, olive and yellow.

Apart from these utility ATVs Honda also came out with few Sport ATVs too in the year 2006.

These are as follows:

TRX450R: This has a 4 stroke 450 cc engine and has a fuel capacity of 3.1 gallons. Since it is a Sports ATV it has got both the option of forward kick start as well as electric start. It is available in two colors red and black.

TRX300EX: This Sport ATV from Honda has a 282 cc four stroke engine and the fuel capacity of 2.2 gallons. It has a manual clutch and electric starter and it is available in the colors red and black.

TRX250EX: This ATV is recommended for bikers who are 16 years and above. Available in the colors red and yellow this ATV has a fuel capacity of 2.7 gallons. It boasts of a four stroke 229 cc engine with electric starter and automatic clutch.

In the year 2007, Honda came out with some new ATVs far modern and sleek versions and these are:

TRX450R and TRX450ER: Both of these ATVs are available in electric start as well as manual versions. Both come with 450cc compact and lightweight engine with 190mm radar disc and excellent color and graphics in the body.

In the year 2008, Honda came out with two more models of Sport ATV and these are:

TRX700XX: It has a 680cc engine with manual clutch and electric starter. It has a fuel capacity of 3 gallons and will definitely give its users excellent confidence and comfort.

TRX450R: Anyone who has used this model has won the race. It comes with a 450 cc engine and a fuel capacity of 2.7 gallons. It also has reverse gear as well as electric starting and is an excellent blend of style and performance.


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