Mini Choppers - Mega Fun with Mini Bikes!

The Sports Bike Shop stocks some of the most sophisticated, trendy and multi featured Mini Choppers available today. The online superstore plaza for Bikes, The Sports Bike Shop facilitates online purchases through their informative and user friendly website and offers a wide variety of Dirt bikes, Mini Choppers, Kids ATV's, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Go-Karts, Electric Mopeds and Pocket Bikes.

Speed and fun go hand in hand and for the adventure oriented and riding is as much a form of recreation as an easy and economical means of transportation. A Mini Chopper is a motorcycle in its miniature form. MiniChoppers are available in electric as well as gas powered versions and they range from 50cc to 250cc strength. MiniChoppers are also popularly called mini bikes.

The Sports Bike Shop offers some of the best deals in the bike industry by virtue of their having direct contacts with bike and Mini Chopper manufacturers in China, a fact which enables procurement of bikes and scooters at highly discounted rates. These discounts are further passed on to buyers and results in their getting excellent and unbeatable deals. Moreover, The Sports Bike Shop stock spares of all the bikes and choppers that are on sale on their website. This ensures that money invested in the purchase is not wasted for want of the right spare parts.

All Mini Chopper models displayed on site come with a lot of specifications and instructions and are accompanied by the prerequisite know-how about the model, its working and its features. Some models may not be appropriate for some age groups while others may not be street legal in some or all parts of the United States. Kids from age 4 onwards ride these bikes with some models going up to 90MPH, hence it is essential to follow recommendations as per age and local law compliance etc.


Some of the popular models among those displayed on The Sports Bike Shop are the 125cc 4 stroke Mini Chopper [Diablo], the 200cc Scorpion Mini Chopper, the 110cc Spider Chopper, the 50cc 4 stroke Mini Chopper, the 49cc Mini Chopper, the Dragonfly-Fast Mini Chopper 125cc 4 stroke, the Mini Chopper Flash Gordon, the Vmax Custom Mini Chopper and many others each with minute detailing so that one simply does not go wrong with one's choice.

The good news is that on purchase of up to three Mini Choppers or any other bike or scooter from The Sports Bike Shop; one qualifies as a wholesaler and becomes eligible for further discounts over and above what is being offered to the retail customer!


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