Mopeds - For the price conscious!

Wake up folks, its time to drive a moped! Many people adore driving mopeds which was once considered outdated. But currently mopeds are gaining recognition and climbing up the popularity charts and speeding the roads once again. Mopeds are light weight motorized bicycle driven by a petrol engine. But there are different definitions of moped depending on their structure. Normally mopeds have automatic transmission and have a cylinder capacity of not more than 50 cc. These bikes are capable of delivering a maximum speed of 30 mph and fulfil all relevant motor vehicle safety standards. Mopeds are low-powered motorized vehicles and are generally two wheelers and have low capacity engine. These vehicles are normally defined according to their limits on speed, power output, transmissions, engine displacement, or by a requirement for pedals. People of all age groups can ride safely on mopeds.

Mopeds are quite accepted among people over the age group of 45, women and the young adults. Due to their light weight any rider finds it easy to handle. They have a digital ignition system. This way there is no need to kick start. It is a boon for women who find kick start to be quite a hassle. Mopeds have small wheels for enhanced balance and maneuverability. They are a good mode of transport. In many small interior towns it is utilized for carrying heavy loads on rough roads. They also are personal transport requirements for most urban users. They hold a great share of the vehicle market in Asia. They are also exported worldwide. First manufactured mopeds in India were by the TVS Company, at Hosur in Tamil Nadu where they have made stable and strong presence in the market. They introduced a two-seater 50 cc moped in the year 1980. The status of mopeds varies from place to place. However mopeds are used by lower middle-class segment. They are not very trendy in looks but are good in terms of economical factor. The low price and low power is the attractive factor.

Mopeds are reasonably priced to attract the lower middle income group. They consume less fuel which attracts buyers with less money. In spite of being under-powered (less than 100 cc), mopeds are riding well in India. They have been used for races and rally from the road to various racetrack. And have been winning hearts successfully. Mopeds are favoured by price conscious buyers.


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