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Motorized bicycle


A motorized bicycle is also known as a light electric vehicle or LEV because of the small motor attached to it helps the motorist with pedaling. A motorized bicycle has an electric motor or a small internal combustion engine attached to it. Depending on the model, the rider can use the motor to assist with the pedaling or may use it to the exclusion of the pedals. In the older models, the internal combustion engine did the hard work. However, these models were less predictable because they had a tendency to break down or develop other problems. These days, motorized bicycles have evolved and newer technologies have made it possible to use light batteries with better storage capacity.

How is a motorized bicycle different from a motorcycle?

Motorized bicycles are generally dependent on the rider to pedal the bicycle and provide the power for the batteries to start functioning. Besides, these vehicles may be driven simply by using the pedals too. How much you use the pedal and how much assistance you get from the attached motor depends on the particular motorized bicycle you buy. In a motorcycle, on the other hand, there is no option to pedal. There is a difference in the design too. Most standard motorized bicycles are based on the frame design of the bicycle, although there may be extensive modifications to support the motorization process.

Where do you find the motorized bicycle?

Many countries, like parts of Asia, have a strong culture for bicycles. In such countries, a large percentage of commuters make use of motorized bicycles. For example, it is believed that Shanghai has more than 350,000 motorized bicycles. These days, motorized bicycles have become popular in many European countries too, partly due to the escalating price of fuel and gas. Also, a good section of people prefer using an environment friendly vehicle. So, motorized bicycles are catching up in the Western world too.

Is the motorized bicycle easy to refill?

Motorized bicycles are largely run on batteries that have a finite capacity for generating power. The cost of these motors varies according to the technology and capacity. Many electric motors can easily be recharged from solar panels, thus making motorized bicycles one of the cheapest transport vehicles in the market. Every recharge gives you 30-50 miles.


Is the electric bicycle for everyone?

Electric bicycles take much of the effort out of riding a bicycle. You do not have to pedal as hard, so negotiating inclines is easy. They are also safe because the increased power enables you to move fast in case of emergencies. A motorized bicycle is also an excellent option for people who are looking for quick and wholesome physical exercise. They are the ideal solution for those who want to ditch their fuel-greedy cars and cut fuel costs. You also do not have to worry about arriving to work sweaty and soiled because the motor makes it easy to ride. But for those who are terribly concerned about appearances and cringe at the thought of being seen on a bicycle, the electric bike may not be an option.


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