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Pocket Dirt Bikes


Pocket dirt bikes are designed for big thrills that come in small packages. They are good and sturdy for extreme adventure rides. The different styles pocket dirt bikes are available are:

  • The Quad bikes-for off the road performances like four wheeled motorcycles.
  • Pit bikes-Like small styled scooters that weave their way through strict pit tracks. Ideal for motocross events and races.
  • Minimoto- It looks like a sports bike. Ideal for go- kart tracks.
  • Mini choppers- Designed to appear like having choppers.

Pocket dirt bikes have sturdy engines, wheels, gas cylinder, axles, throttle units, chain, pistons, carburetors and the brakes. They need to have proper air filter for a superlative performance. They also need to have high velocity chrome. To get into top gear these elements are important. Some riders like to customize their bikes with accessories of their choice.

The chase, the race and the kick is more real as only the extreme sports can give. As with most dirt bikes, the tires that are raced have many knots to get a good grip of the uneven surface. Even when the mud sticks to the tires they continue to race on. Dirt bikes also have high clearance as they are light in weight. The engine and gas tank is right in the middle of the body to avoid the mud and stones from the road from getting into the way of drive. Pocket dirt bikes give the same thrill of the motorbike but cannot match its speed.


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