Pocket Bikes - Pocket Sized Mega Fun

The Sports Bike Shop, the web plaza of Bikes is an online super store for bikes of all kinds and has captured the imagination of the young as well as the old in meeting the growing demand for adventure oriented, fast moving vehicles.

Race Motorcycles have always been of special interest to the adventure prone, irrespective f their age and circumstances. A Pocket Bike is a miniature replica of a racing bike. Although Pocket Bikes originated in Europe about 20 years ago, in the present times the sport is actively followed on race tracks in Europe and the United States. Although earlier Pocket Bikes were not manufactured in bulk and were exorbitantly priced, today Pocket Bikes are within reach of everyone thanks to some mass production by Chinese factories.

The Sports Bike Shop offers a wide variety of electric and gas powered 2/4 stroke pocketbikes and the high performance water cooled racing pocket bikes. Their website is informative, conclusive and user friendly and one can make one's purchases with the comfort of knowing that one has availed of the best quality, excellent pricing and great after sales service too. Moreover the rates offered by The Sports Bike Shop are comparable to none by virtue of their enjoying direct contacts with Chinese manufacturers. These benefits are generously passed on to buyers, thus considerably bringing down the price and increasing the purchasing power of the customers.

One is advised not to be fooled by the small size of the bikes and to exercise caution when picking up the gasoline models since they may not be suitable for kids and are unsafe. The Electric Pocket Bikes are a better choice any day.


Among Pocket Bikes, the New Super Fast Water Cooled Pocket Bike is hugely popular whilst the Pocket Bike X is trendy and stylish. The Pocket Racer Pocket Bike and the Pocket Rocket vie with each other to grab the attention of the young and the adventurous.

Purchases of three or more Pocket Bikes in one go attracts wholesale pricing and one cane avail of more for less. The Sports Bike Shop has gone International and invites orders from UK - London, Australia - Sidney Melbourne, France and any other country.

The Sports Bike Shops increasing popularity as a one stop shop for Dirt bikes, Mini Choppers, Kids ATV's, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Go-Karts, Electric Mopeds, Pocket Bikes etc can be safely attributed to their excellent pricing, great service and extremely informative website that leaves no query unanswered and helps one to take the right decision on making the right choice among bikes.


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