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Street Legal Mini Choppers


Street Legal mini choppers are a kind of mini motorcycles and are provided with 4 strokes. It is powered by gas and has the capacity from 50 cc to 250 cc. A latest collection of mini chopper would definitely thrill you. The mini choppers are smaller in size and comes in a comparatively cheaper price. You can buy the car online and therefore shall not have to wait in queue for a long time.

The Dragon Fly Motor Cycle: The Dragon Fly Mini Chopper is street legal in many states and comprises of 125cc capacity. It rides like a real bike and comes in a smaller price than the rest. It has upgraded rims and has very low vibrations.

Chopper Mini Bike Diablo: It picks up speed very easily. It can be handled very smoothly and has a very low vibration. There are metal gas tank fitted in it. It is available with 125 cc 4 stroke 4 gear engines. Headlight, taillight and drum rear are present in this mini bike chopper.

Chrome Cruiser Mini Chopper is an elegant and stylish bike which comprises 2 and 4 stroke versions. There are metallic grips and foot break pedals. The bike is suitable for people with a greater height and sometimes caries a killer look. If you wish to cruise in style then this bike would be ideal for you.

Custom Mini Shopper: For the big boys, Custom Mini Chopper is the right option. The elegant look, the extremely manageable gear and other vital facilities make it an interesting accompaniment along the highway or even a best friend in a crowded street. The rims at 16" rear tire and its 7" wide low profile makes it suitable options of for grown up decent people, especially office goers.

Dream Chopper Motorcycle: It is a dream bike for people of all walks of life. It is licensed to move in ordinary roads and is therefore a favorable option for many. The aura that it carries with itself makes it an interesting option for grown up people. It is a dream bike for many. Depending on the model, the car is specifically meant for kids and people with an inclination for road cruising.

Street Legal Dirt Bike: It is one of the best options for people with zeal to explore this vast unexplored world. This bike is legal on road and is chosen by youngsters as well as people who have reached an age. This comes with an engine volume of 200 cc and is appreciated by most people around the globe.


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