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The Yamaha provides some of the best ATVs available in the market. There are several different types of Yamaha ATV. These ATVs can be used for various purposes such as, hunting, fishing, camping and other off road activities. These ATVs manufactured by Yamaha are environment friendly and are also submissive to the various vehicle laws passed by each state. You can also find different Yamaha ATVs, which can be en suite with customizable shells. As most of these are generally used for hunting purposes, you can find several Yamaha ATVs in camouflage or hunter green colors. Various additional accessories are also available. These accessories include gun scabbards, rear rack bags as well as ATV fenders.

Different types of Yamaha ATV

Grizzly 550 FI ATV: The new Grizzly is one of the best ATV manufactured by the Yamaha. Its seat is very comfortable even during a hard day's riding and it is also strong enough to drag other vehicles out of any kinds muddy situations. There are three models Grizzly 450, Grizzly 700 and the all new Grizzly 550 FI. The Grizzly 550 FI is based on the Grizzly 700 platform with a 558 cc engine. It has a cylinder head that can also be utilized to improve the choke response as well as the bottom end power. Yamaha has used its electrical power system in the Grizzly. This has enabled it to make steering even completely locked a breeze. The Ultramatic transmission used in the Grizzly ATVs has further made it easy to ride. It uses a one way sprag clutch that gives a natural feeling when using engine braking.

Raptor 700R ATV:The Raptor 700R is the most popular ATV available in the market. It includes a front shocks with a 5 mm longer stroke that provides improved comfort settings. The shocks also encompass high and low-speed adjusters. The adjusting knobs of the shocks are very easy to handle. The thumb throttle of the Raptor 700R features a unique shape for better feeling and it also makes you less fatigue. It also contains a digital meter including dual trip meters, clock, speedometer, warning indicators, odometer, and other diagnostic capabilities.

Raptor 90 ATV: The all new Raptor 90 has been specially designed in order to give your kids a great ride. Though it looks like a baby Raptor, the features of Raptor 90 are more or less similar to the other Raptor ATVs. It includes A-arm suspension along with 4.4 inches of travel as well as five way adjustable shocks. In the rear, you will find a swing arm suspension that comes with 3.3 inches of shock. It also contains a five-way shock, which is pre-loaded and adjustable. You will also find hydraulic disc brakes in the rear and sealed drums in the up front.


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